Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Haven Food Routes

I love food and love academic classes that push us to initiate digital projects (like this one!) so of course I had to write about the New Haven Food Routes project.

Started this fall in a Yale University "Introduction to Public Humanities" course, students aim to examine the food truck culture and provide a means for New Haven residents to locate different carts thoroughout the city. From the New Haven Food Routes website:

"Through this project, we hope to address proprietors’ decisions to enter the food truck business, how they determined their food truck routes, and their relationships to their cuisine. In mapping these stories, we recognize food trucks as an integral, yet often overlooked, component of New Haven’s cultural and culinary makeup."

Check out their work and support the carts that humbly but certainly are a part of New Haven's culture! 

New Haven Food Routes official site: 

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