Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014 -- Events and Ideas!

Happy Earth Day, New Haven!

Earth Day this year is April 22nd, 2014. Although we should strive to celebrate Earth Day every day, this designated day is a nice reminder to care for our environment. Let's do our part to keep New Haven and surrounding communities clean so we can enjoy cleaner air, better health, and an improved quality of life!

Here's what we can do to celebrate and help:

Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride is coming to New Haven on Saturday, April 26th! Enjoy New Haven by bike and raise funds for 20+ local organizations. Register/donate by visiting the Rock to Rock New Haven page.

Carpool with a friend and check out some other Earth Day CT events (courtesy of the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection)! 

Recycle! Don't let water bottles become landfill. Dispose of them in blue recycling bins for curbside recycling service. For those without curbside service, you may use the Recycling Center located at 260 Middletown Avenue, off I-91 exit 8. 

Donate! Before you junk that dinner set or laptop, think about local schools (i.e. St. Martin de Porres Academy) or shelters (i.e. Columbus House) that may be able to put your old material to good use.

Garden! Enjoy pesticide-free, GMO-free fruit and vegetables courtesy of your very own garden! This would be an especially fun project for families with younger kids.

Cut the loops! We've all seen those plastic pieces that hold 6-pack cans togerher, but did you know that they could wrap around an animal's neck? Remember to "cut the loops" and possibly save an animal's life. Let's not let any of our Long Island Sound birds end up like this poor little guy pictured below.

Cutting the plastic from cans of six-packs can save this guy's life!

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